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meet the team

  • Mandy
  • Jan
  • Nadia De Vries
  • Tiaan2
  • Leverne2
  • sarah (1)
  • Zorodzai
  • Chris Underwood
  • Marc
  • rene
  • Joyce

Mandy Schreiber – Managing Director

As co-owner and strategist, Mandy uses her Degree in Communications to actualise creative online marketing solutions for Traffic Brand’s clients’. After working in Marketing and PR in Cape Town for top global brands, she spent several years in the UK furthering her marketing experience and travelling to exotic locations. She is passionate about the evolution of business onto the internet. Her knowledge of Google and digital advertising enable her to constantly improve and streamline the process between client and agency to ensure maximum benefit from marketing budgets.

Jan Boshoff – CTO

Jan is the co-owner and technical mastermind behind the smooth running of all of Traffic Brand’s online marketing campaigns. With almost 20 years of experience in various aspects of the online world, his knowledge and insight into paid search strategies is hard to beat. An extensive holistic view of the industry enables Jan to constantly re-evaluate and improve our methodology and his input into the paid search team is invaluable. He is also one of the founders of the DMC (Digital Marketing Collective). When he’s not being our resident Google Guru he spends his time with his four beautiful children.



Nadia De Vries – Financial Director

Nadia is our super efficient Financial Director with a Honours Degree in Accounting Science. Breaking all the rules of the accountant stereotype, Nadia has a radiant personality. She has an infectious friendliness and is as approachable and accommodating to our valued clients as she is to our dedicated team members. Nadia keeps all our finances in pristine order including keeping a tight control of all client and platform budgets. Being a Google geek is infectious and Nadia is no exception to the rule at Traffic Brand as a certified Google Analytics Individual! When she is not creating efficient processes and being a financial guru she enjoys yoga, cycling, good coffee and travelling.

Tiaan van Zyl – Head of Analytics

His relaxed and friendly demeanour belies Tiaan’s love of adventure and thrill seeking escapades like rock climbing, river rafting, abseiling and trail running. Tiaan balances his adventurous streak with an exceptional ability to analyse data. His broad knowledge of analytics, remarketing, e-commerce tracking, cross domain tracking, Google Tag Manager (and the list goes on…!) make him a sought after resource for any digitally focussed team. He has a great capacity for comprehending vast amounts of data and translating them into usable insights for our clients. Furthermore, his insatiable passion for all things digital ensures that he is always up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in the industry. 

Leverne Toweel – Campaign Manager

Originally a Jozi girl, Leverne has been residing in Cape Town for almost a decade with a brief travel stint in the UK and Europe. Her attention to detail and the ability to stay calm under the pressure of large scale accounts make her a valued member of our key accounts team. Leverne is kind, mischievous and smiling with a fine sense of humour. On a professional level she has developed a great knowledge of and insight into e-commerce campaigns in the ever-evolving Google buzz of keyword optimisationdemographic targeting and remarketing. Always professional but always fun she adds a lively flavour to the team!

Sarah Heintz – Campaign Manager

Sarah is whirl of social butterfly and strategic thinker! After completing a Masters Degree in Psychology at the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany, her post studies travel brought her to Cape Town where she fell in love with the city! A smart mind and an analytical brain equip her with the skills required for life as a Digital Campaign Manager. When she’s not optimising Google, Facebook and Twitter advertising campaigns for our clients, she is our resident party girl! Sarah loves socialising, exploring city life and cooking for her friends (as long as they bring a bottle of bubbly!). To keep the balance Sarah also loves hiking and gym to keep fit and healthy!

Zorodzai Chaparira – Campaign Manager

Zorodzai, or Zorro to those in the know, is one of those unique individuals whose sense of honour, quiet confidence and respect for people make us wish for more people like him in the world! Hailing from Zimbabwe he came to South Africa to study at Fort Hare. A passion for digital advertising and analytics encouraged him to give up a career in hospitality and shift his focus to all things Google. He is a natural at campaign management across all platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and his methodical approach to all things PPC make him a truly great asset to the team. When he takes a break from his quest for digital knowledge, he is a keen football and Rugby fan and supports Arsenal and the Sharks (ahem? The Cape will change him!!) respectively.

Chris Underwood – Campaign Manager

Chris is our resident dark horse keeping his keen intellect, sharp wit and mischievous smile well contained.  His natural talent and passion for all things digital are at the forefront of his ability to manage and optimize large brand and data driven campaigns on Google and Facebook. His Batchelor of Commerce (Marketing Management) from UNISA stands him in good stead, as does his ability to focus on the primary objectives while never overlooking the details – the mark of an excellent Paid Media Campaign Manager! When he’s not optimising and analysing he balances the digital world with a love of Ornithology, trail running and touch rugby.

Marc Weddepohl – Campaign Manager

Marc is full of insights, interests and ideas with a fine sense of humour besides! It’s not surprising with a Degree in Psychology & History from UCT, a post grad in Marketing from Stellenbosch, a Red & Yellow School course in Digital Marketing and 3 years of teaching English in Korea and Japan. With the travel bug sated for the time being he is soaking up all things digital while keeping his eye on current affairs and perfecting his love for Asian cooking on the side. His passion for people, places and culture coupled with his self-professed perfectionist tendencies make him the perfect candidate for analysing target audiences and paid media campaigns.

René Rushin – Office Manager

René is the shiny happy person of the office and the person that keeps systems and admin running smoothly. She is an organiser of note and responsible for all team outings and parties. Most importantly she has the vital role of ensuring that the office doesn’t run out of coffee! Having spent over 10 years in the advertising industry she is the perfect smiling ‘first point-of-contact’ person for Traffic Brand. René’s well-rounded range of skills extend to the accounts department where she methodically deals with contracts, IO’s and invoicing. She an efficient, kindhearted person with a healthy dose of mischief and is greatly valued by all of us!

Joyce Kula – Office Maintenance

Joyce, affectionately known as “Mamma Joyce” in the office, is a kind, dedicated and loyal member of our team who keeps our offices sparkling clean and fresh. Joyce has been with the founders of Traffic Brand since the very beginning and is thus officially the employee with the longest history with the company. She plays a mean game of Table Tennis in the office Table Tennis championships and generally just makes us happy. When she is not working Joyce loves listening to Gospel music and spending time with her husband, three sons and three grandchildren.

core values

At Traffic Brand we believe in always being…


  • Transparency between agency and client.
  • All data reported on is accurate and truthful.
  • Report the results whether good or bad

Service Orientated:

  • Respond to client calls and emails quickly.
  • No question is too small or too big for us to answer.
  • Establish client relationships for long term account success.
  • Client is always made aware of account optimisations.
  • Daily monitoring of accounts and website.
  • Work strictly to brief: budgets, goals and strategy.
  • Flexible to your specific needs and promotional items.


  • Strive to learn new advertising tools, techniques and platforms.
  • We educate each other weekly of any new trends or features.
  • Proactive about account and website recommendations.
  • Campaign managers are Google certified.

Results Driven:

  • Conversion tracking to measure return.
  • Monitor, analyse and consult on all performance metrics.
  • Expand keyword lists and increase quality score.
  • Decrease cost per click and cost per acquisition.
  • Strong calls to action for each area of the clients business.
  • Accountable for all digital advertising and reporting.