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About Lauren Belyeu

Lauren’s Bachelor of Commerce Degree in General Accounting ensures a refined ability to analyse the statistical data that is behind our Google campaigns. She is a composed, focused and driven individual who has a natural ability to effortlessly manage large SEM, Mobile and Facebook campaigns. Lauren enjoys Yoga to keep her calm and serene and just to keep things balanced she loves metal music. Just the way we like it at Traffic Brand…a whirl of contradictions makes for vibrant character!
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Recent Changes to Remarketing

Remarketing is a very useful AdWords tool for targeting users who have already been your site but did not complete the desired action (eg. A newsletter sign up or a product purchase). There are various methods for using Remarketing to work for your campaign objectives. Please see my previous post on the basics of Remarketing. […]

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Enhanced Cost Per Click (CPC)

The question of whether to let AdWords handle your budget for you in the name of conversion goals is a tough one to answer. Do we trust these features? Are they more effective than manual bidding practices? When a typical online marketer asks these questions they will probably be thinking of Conversion Optimizer, and the […]

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Getting More With Remarketing

Getting More With Remarketing

Remarketing has become a necessity for most PPC accounts. It is an AdWords feature that was introduced last year, which enables marketers to re-capture user who have been to their site. This means that a user’s first visit need not be their last, and marketers get another chance to entice them to convert. Setting up […]

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Paid Ads Looking More Organic

New Blue Pins Location extensions became available to AdWords advertisers two years ago as a means to give specific information about the location of the business being advertised. (Read more about location extensions) The new blue pin that was launched in February 2011 is a new feature on certain ads with location extensions that appear […]

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Preparing for Instant Search

Along with the roll out of Instant Search by Google on 8 September this year, came a big response from the SEM community. Many feared negative effects that it may or may not have on the way marketers would have to adjust their AdWords campaigns and budgets. Instant Search is not yet a feature on […]

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