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About Matthias Wobrock

Matthias is our Digital Analytics guru. It would be hard to find a more precise and thorough analytical mind than our “Mattalyics” – as he is fondly referred to around the office! Having run large scale global Google and Social Media campaigns, Matt has an in depth understanding of marketing data, optimisation and usability. He uses his acute analytical skills to summarise large volumes of data, identify trends in areas like consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions and offer actionable strategies. He not only speaks 5 languages (German, English, Spanish, French & Portuguese) but boasts degrees in Computational Linguistics and Information Science. Although he assures us it was the allure of working for Traffic Brand that encouraged him to stay in Cape Town, we think we may have been second in line to the enticing windsurfing prospects!
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Bid Management: Rule-Based vs. Portfolio

If you are working on sizeable search marketing campaigns you are probably well aware that managing bids for thousands of keywords manually becomes impossible to do efficiently. You need rules and algorithms to adjust bids for you and act and react to changes in the marketplace according to your predefined strategy. Adobe even thinks that […]

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Remarketing 2012: Bigger, Better, Faster, More

Elaborating further on Lauren’s excellent blog post about the changes that have come to Google AdWords’ Remarketing feature, I would like to take the time to explain the possibilities that have arisen for marketers a bit more. Along with Google AdWords and Analytics becoming more intertwined – for instance, if your, you can now use basic […]

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Container Tags Can Save Time and Resources

It is a well-known issue for digital advertising agencies and expert PPC and analytics agencies in particular – tracking and tagging the right events and conversions on a client’s site by implementing the right scripts to accurately measure the success of marketing initiatives, page traffic and site usage. The problem I am referring to that […]

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TrueView Video Ads Bring AdWords and YouTube Together

In the attempt to get more small and medium AdWords advertisers to try video and to simultaneously expand and improve the targeting options on YouTube and the Google Display Network (GDN), Google video ad formats and targeting options have received a significant update. The first big change is that most of these video ads will […]

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A Buyer’s World: A Vision of Future Shopping

“The consumer has gone mobile. They absorb, share and create content on the fly, which now defines how they make and evaluate their buying decisions.” Brett St. Clair, Head of Google Mobile South Africa Smartphones, comparison sites, group buying and social networks are changing our shopping habits. We become all seeing and all knowing. We […]

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