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Help Us Feel It – Long Term!

Help us kit out the children of Lusaka Sundowns United Football Club.

It only costs R2,500 to sponsor a whole team with kit.

Your small contribution will make a huge difference.

Help keep the youth off the street and keep them playing football.

Please help us to feel it – LONG TERM!

For more information or to pledge assistance please contact Mandy Schreiber on:
021-480 4360 or email mandy(at)trafficbrand(dot)com



More about Lusaka Sundowns Football & Youth Development…

Ayoba football fever has invoked hope and inspiration across all cultural and economic divides in South Africa over the past month and it is the perfect opportunity to really feel it – long term! The incredibly smooth 2010 World Cup has done us all proud and has exceeded the expectations of all South Africans and viewers the world over.

The uniting spirit that has swept across the country can too easily disappear in the post-world cup comedown and negative media tales of our challenges as a developing nation. Now is the time to harness this energy and contribute toward the healthy development of our nation’s youth.

Traffic Brand, a boutique online marketing agency based in Cape Town, visited a community of enthusiastic soccer players in Nyanga East this week. We donated 15 soccer balls to a small, grassroots club – The Lusaka Sundowns United Football Club – after being alerted to the great things they are doing by one of our employees and champion Vuvuzela blower, Joyce Kula. Joyce’s sons play for the Lusaka Sundowns. It was her gratefulness to club manager, Justice Madikane, for keeping her kids off the streets and for the enthusiasm it has inspired in her children, especially six year-old Sebosiso, that alerted us to their needs.

The club have one old set of soccer shirts which all 6 teams use. Most of the children do not have proper trainers let alone soccer boots so our very humble contribution of soccer balls is only a very small beginning.

Lusaka Sundowns need our help! They have 5 teams who need soccer jersey’s, socks and shorts and if we all contribute just a few items we can really make a difference to the youth of this community.

They practice on the grass on the side of the N2 and only have access to a proper field to play matches.

The whole community welcomed us into their space, invited us into their homes and the sheer joy that our small gesture inspired made us sincerely motivated to do more. We’ve been invited back to watch their next matches and we will certainly be there with Vuvuzelas in hand and a desire to cross illusionary cultural boundaries that exist just 20 minutes from the city!

But we’re a start-up company and we can’t sponsor everything that they need and we are asking you to help us kit out the team!

It won’t cost the earth but it’s value will be huge
Sponsorship of one team: R 2,500
(Includes jersey’s, shorts, socks, numbers and goalie outfit)
Sponsorships of all teams: R15,000

Even if you do not wish to come on board with our project, we urge you to find a football team that is in dire need of equipment and strike up a personal relationship with them to experience the far-reaching benefits that a small contribution can make.

PLEASE help us to achieve the goal of starting with this team and hopefully moving on to others. Donate one soccer ball if that’s all you can afford!

For more information or to pledge assistance please contact Mandy Schreiber on:
021-480 4360 or email mandy(at)trafficbrand(dot)com

About Mandy Schreiber

As co-owner and strategist, Mandy uses her Degree in Communications to actualise creative online marketing solutions for Traffic Brand’s clients’. After working in Marketing and PR in Cape Town for top global brands, she spent several years in the UK furthering her marketing experience and travelling to exotic locations. She is passionate about the evolution of business onto the internet. Her knowledge of Google and online marketing enable her to constantly improve and streamline the process between client and agency to ensure maximum benefit from marketing budgets.


2 Responses to Help Us Feel It – Long Term!

  1. Chilli Stephenson August 27, 2012 at 3:02 pm #


    Myself and a couple of men from our church have been working with underprivileged kids from Mitchell’s Plain area in Cape Town. We have a couple soccer teams already formed. The feedback from the boys of Mitchell’s plain is great, and i believe it is going to grow into something far beyond our vision.
    At the moment though, the kids do not have much.
    We have organised a couple of pairs of boots, shin guards etc, but most of the kids have no boots. Plus the kids share shin guards etc. We would also love a couple more soccer balls.

    Is there any way someone could contact me wit regards to maybe sponsoring some gear for these kids like you have done for the The Lusaka Sundowns United Football Club.

    Our goal is to eventually have a complete league and a homegrounds club.
    With god’s grace, we can change these kids lives and give them a brighter future just like The Lusaka Sundowns United Football Club has done.
    So awesome to see so many people out there making a difference.

    Thanks for your time and God bless.

    • Adam Mitchell August 30, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

      Hi Chilli – thank you for getting in touch and your effort for these kids, please check your inbox. Kind regards.

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