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pay per click advertising

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Google Search

“Be Visible for Relevant Search Results”

When you do a search on Google, you receive results that are relevant to your specific search query. The top and the right hand column on search results pages are reserved for Google Ads. Almost immediately we place your business on relevant Google search results, in your chosen location and to a specific keyword targeted internet user; who is actively searching for your brand, good or service online. This is the most accurate one could ever be in terms of direct response advertising, reaching the right person, at the right time and at the right price.

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Google Display

“Banners and Text Ads on Websites”

People only spend 5% of their time searching online. The other 95% is spent surfing the web on websites, blogs, news sites, social media sites, games, you name it! Google’s ad inventory on the internet is the largest advertising network on the internet with more than 1 million websites worldwide. We create a media plan for your brand, targeting websites that relate to your audience. Text, Image/Banner, video or flash allow for a rich multimedia level of online advertising. This is the best option to establish a strong presence online for your brand.

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Google Mobile

“Google Ads on Mobile Devices”

Mobile internet consumption is rapidly increasing and has become a “smart” choice to reach your target market on mobile devices! 82% of mobile users notice mobile ads and almost half of them take action from seeing an ad. Because the mobile phone is with you all the time, people are able to Google just about anywhere and have become more advanced with their searches due to location conveniences and easy comparison shopping. We’ll place search and display ads that are mobile specific to enhance all consumer touch points for your brand.

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Mobile Advertising

“Increase Mobile Traffic from Two Large Ad Networks”

How many apps do you have on your smart phone? Ever browsed the internet on your mobile device? 81% of mobile users browse the Internet, 77% search, 68% use an app, 48% watch videos on their smartphone and more than half of them take action when they see a mobile ad. Mobile display ads are very prominent on a page in relation to the size of the screen. Drive targeted traffic to your mobile website or store, encourage App downloads and increase sales. Reach people actively surfing mobile sites and apps on their mobile devices. Media plans are developed for each network (BuzzCity and InMobi) individually and managed accordingly to maximise exposure and return on ad spend for your brand.

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Facebook Advertising

“You’ve Seen Those Ads on Facebook, Right?”

Facebook rose to a population of over 1 billion monthly active users in December 2012. Half of these users logon to Facebook daily and spend an average of an hour socialising. That is over 500 million users a day at an hour each, meaning you can reach loads of potential new customers. Ads can be displayed on people’s profiles, in apps, albums and are generally on the right hand side of the Facebook interface.  Unique “Story” based ad units appear alongside (or within) the Newsfeed and promote interaction with your brand’s Facebook page, app, event, place or group. Campaigns are tailored to your audience and managed accordingly.

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YouTube Advertising

“Banner Ads and Promoted Video Content”

More than 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Over 3 billion videos are viewed each day and this is why YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the internet. Be visible on YouTube and reach relevant audiences during the first few seconds of a video, complimented with a square banner on top right next to the video. If you have a brand video, we’ll promote it to the top of search results pages on YouTube! Traffic Brand will put their PPC knowledge and expertise together to deliver a strategic display campaign on YouTube for your brand.

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Analytics & Conversion Optimisation

“Increase Revenue by Improving Website Conversions”

While your search marketing campaigns can be optimized to the very last long tail keyword so that only the most qualified visitors reach your designated landing pages, the question remains what happens once these visitors arrive on your site. If you really want to close your conversion loop, understand how visitors from your different digital marketing channels act and improve your on-site conversion rate you should not hesitate to contact our web analytics specialists for an obligation-free consultation. Leveraging the useful information hidden in your data to improve your offering will not only benefit your search campaigns, but all your digital marketing efforts at the same time.

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Pay Per Click advertising means you only pay when your ad is clicked on and the user is taken to your website. Pay Per Click is commonly known as PPC. We are a specialist PPC online marketing agency and can reach your target audience using Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube & others above.

Targeted | Measurable | Return On Investment

Pay Per Click digital marketing campaigns are strategically structured to tightly themed groups and are highly targeted, ensuring we reach the right person, with the right message, at the right time and at the right price. Every step along the way from getting targeted traffic to your website to the action taken by a user after clicking through from an ad  is measured, analysed and reported on so you are guaranteed that your budget is spent on areas that generate the most return on investment from your ad spend. Full control over advertising budget is possible with daily limits for each campaign. Whether your goal is to increase leads, downloads, brand awareness or revenue; PPC advertising is the perfect advertising solution to market your brand’s products and services online.

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