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Analytics & Conversion Optimisation

While your search marketing campaigns can be optimized to the very last long tail keyword so that only the most qualified visitors reach your designated landing pages, the question remains what happens once these visitors arrive on your site. If you really want to close your conversion loop, understand how visitors from your different digital marketing channels act and improve your on-site conversion rate you should not hesitate to contact our web analytics specialists for an obligation-free consultation. Leveraging the useful information hidden in your data to improve your offering will not only benefit your search campaigns, but all your digital marketing efforts at the same time.

We can identify “conversion killers” on your site, help you improve important pages in the conversion process and turn your analytics data into meaningful information that lets you take action in order to improve user satisfaction and your bottom line. We don’t want to send you more reports full of complicated metrics and graphs that won’t mean much to you. In turn, we want to focus on the metrics that are crucial for your business and communicate insightful findings on the good and bad of your site to you in a clear and concise way. You don’t have to spend hours trying to interpret reports but can instead focus on improving your website and conversion rate quickly and efficiently.

Analytics doesn’t mean more reports for you to look at – it means letting us turn the data you collect into valuable information that will enable you to make the right decisions and take action.


Analytics Services:


Google Analytics enables you to take your digital marketing one step further by understanding your customers better. We can advise you on how to make the most out of your data and teach you how to use the tools and features of Google Analytics to your advantage.


We can set up Google Analytics for you so you can start collecting the data you need. This includes:

• Identification of KPI metrics on which to concentrate our optimization efforts
• AdWords integration if you are running AdWords campaigns with us
• Creation of customized online dashboards for key stakeholders
• Email alerts for unusual site events
• Review of existing and setup of new goals according to our strategy
• Audit and setup of general settings and filters
• Set up of custom variables for visitor segmentation
• Event tracking solutions for important on-site events

We will also implement other features during the setup process that we consider useful to your business. Note that we will need to collaborate with your developer on some of the tracking implementations.


Our monthly service turns your data into valuable information you can use to improve your site towards your specific business goals. This includes reporting, the interpretation of data, recommendations and page testing:

• Performance reports by: a) Channel. b) Location. c) Device. d) Main user segments.
• Funnel analysis for the most important conversion funnels of the site.
• Written analysis of findings, trends and optimization suggestions.
• Split test pages and elements of the site to improve conversion rates.