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Social Media PPC

Facebook Advert

An example of a Facebook ad. Be Visible!


“You’ve Seen Those Ads on Facebook, Right?”

Facebook rose to a population of over 1 billion monthly active users in December 2012. Half of these users logon to Facebook daily and spend an average of an hour socialising. That is over 500 million users a day at an hour each, meaning you can reach loads of potential new customers. Ads can be displayed on people’s profiles, in apps, albums and are generally on the right hand side of the Facebook interface.  Unique “Story” based ad units appear alongside (or within) the Newsfeed and promote interaction with your brand’s Facebook page, app, event, place or group. Campaigns are tailored to your audience and managed accordingly.

Facebook targeting options


Information in peoples Facebook profiles from what they have “Liked” on Facebook and the internet. Categories of interest (cooking) are also available to reach a broader audience.


Age, Gender, Relationship Status and Gender interest.

Education and Work:

School, college or tertiary institution where educated. Employer or business information of the organisation employed at or owned.


People who are connected or not yet connected to your particular Facebook community. Ads shown with social context are trusted 92% more by users. Contact us now for more information about Sponsored Stories.


Countries, regions, cities and suburbs.


Specific to languages set on Facebook profiles.

linkedin advert

Example of a Linkedin ad. Be Visible!


“Advertise to Professionals on LinkedIn”

LinkedIn cleared the 100 million member’s milestone in 2011 and it is here that you will find people engaging on a corporate level with details available such as, education, employment and more. LinkedIn Ads works on the same PPC pricing model and we utilise the unique targeting options to reach a very specific audience. Lets give you a quick example: you can reach males between the ages of 34-45 who live inSouth Africa and hold a CEO title! If this is appropriate for your marketing objectives then Traffic Brand is a good “Social Media PPC” choice for your brand.

LinkedIn targeting options


Country or city (limited to availability) of intended target audience.


Select a company by name or companies within an industry category (construction) or subcategory (building materials). Company size, based on employees can also be specified.

Job Title:

Reach people of a particular job title, “consulting electrical engineers”, job function (consultant) and seniority level such as a manager, director or CEO.


Members of a group on LinkedIn.


Gender and age.

Promoted Twitter


“Increase Engagement with Promoted Twitter Accounts, Tweets or Trends”

Over 350 million tweets are sent per day. If you’r brand is on Twitter and you’d like to promote your content to the masses, then Promoted Advertising is the solution for you. Traffic Brand has partnered with one of the few authorised Twitter representatives in South Africa and are able to put together an advertising strategy for Twitter that will grow your community, increase engagement with your content and increase awareness of your brand to the ‘Twittersphere’. All promoted content is targeted and additional insights into your community can be achieved through promoted campaigns. Chat to us today about pricing or if you have any questions about Twitter advertising.

Twitter targeting options


Country or city (limited to availability) of intended target audience.


Select a category or interest to reach relevant audiences related to your brand.

Followers or Look-a-Likes:

Reach specific people or influencers who you think will influence positive actions towards your Twitter account.


Promote your account on Twitter search results pages.