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Google Display

banner advert on a website

Example of a banner advert on a website

“Banners and Text ads on Websites”

People only spend 5% of their time searching online. The other 95% is spent surfing the web on websites, blogs, news sites, social media sites, games, you name it! Google’s ad inventory on the internet is the largest advertising network on the internet with more than 1 million websites worldwide. We create a media plan for your brand, targeting websites that relate to your audience. Text, Image/Banner, video or flash allow for a rich multimedia level of online advertising. This is the best option to establish a strong presence online for your brand.

Use the Google Display Network to reach thousands of potential customers whilst they browse the internet!

Watch on YouTube: Introduction to Google Display Network


Targeting Options


Keywords that match the content of a website page will serve our ads.


Selected websites that we know are working! These can be individually targeted on the Google display network. A website, namely a managed placement has its own ad type, bid and accompanying settings.


An entire category of websites that resonate with a particular audience. This means we go broader and target categories such as “Auto’s and Vehicles”, which can be refined down to: Commercial Vehicles, Trucks or Motorcycles.


The actual interests of an internet consumer. Yes, even YOU! Google constructs a topics profile for everyone who is surfing the web, so it is no longer just about the websites people are on, but the people themselves. We can reach a car fanatic whilst they read up on how to change a baby’s nappy, for example.


Showing an ad to a previous visitor of a website. Using an audience list, we are able to show ads to user who visited a website, but did not perform an action. This is an immensely powerful tool to invite them back to the website! It’s not stalking if you only do it subtly and are not caught.