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Mobile Display

Ad Networks: BuzzCity | InMobi

How many apps do you have on your smart phone? Ever browsed the internet on your mobile device? 81% of mobile users browse the Internet, 77% search, 68% use an app, 48% watch videos on their smartphone and more than half of them take action when they see a mobile ad. Mobile display ads are very prominent on a page in relation to the size of the screen. Drive targeted traffic to your mobile website or store, encourage App downloads and increase sales. Reach people actively surfing mobile sites and apps on their mobile devices. Media plans are developed for each network (BuzzCity and InMobi) individually and managed accordingly to maximise exposure and return on ad spend for your brand.

See some ad examples in the video below! From WAP phones to smartphones.

Watch on YouTube: AdMob Mobile Advertising Campaign Highlights Video


Targeting Options


Country of intended target audience.


Categories such as “community, information, games, downloads” etcetera

Operating System:

Android, iPhone/iOS, Symbian, Windows, webOS, BlackBerry etcetera.

Device Manufacturer:

Apple, Dell, HTC, Samsung, Nokia etcetera.

Device Model:

BlackBerry Curve 9300, Nokia N95, iPhone4 etcetera.


Gender and age.