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Google Mobile

“Google Ads on Mobile Devices”

Mobile internet consumption is rapidly increasing and has become a “smart” choice to reach your target market on mobile devices! 82% of mobile users notice mobile ads and almost half of them take action from seeing an ad. Because the mobile phone is with you all the time, people are able to Google just about anywhere and have become more advanced with their searches due to location conveniences and easy comparison shopping. We’ll place search and display ads that are mobile specific to enhance all consumer touch points for your brand.

Mobile Search Ads Relevant to the Search Query

Mobile Image Ads Relevant to Site Content.

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Targeting Options


Mobile phones and Tablets with full internet browsers.

Operating Systems:

Android, Apple, webOS.

Mobile Carrier:

MTN, Vodacom, Cell C.


Keywords that match a relevant search query. Text ads are shown when this magic moment (match) happens and ads appear on relevant Google search results for mobile devices.


Countries, regions, cities or a custom pin-pointed geographic area on a map.


There are over 40 different languages to choose from to reach your target market.