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Google Search

Search Adwords

Google AdWords, Text Ad Relevant to Search Query.

“Be Visible on Relevant Search Results”

When you do a search on Google, you receive results that are relevant to your specific search query. The top and the right hand column on search results pages are reserved for Google Ads. Almost immediately we place your business on relevant Google search results, in your chosen location and to a specific keyword targeted internet user; who is actively searching for your brand, good or service online. This is the most accurate one could ever be in direct response advertising, reaching the right person, at the right time and only when they demonstrate interest.


Watch on YouTube: AdWords basics in 60 seconds

Targeting Options


Keywords that match a search query. Text ads are shown when this magic moment (match) happens and ads appear on relevant Google search results.


Countries, regions, cities or a custom pin-pointed geographic area on a map.


There are over 40 different languages to choose from to reach your target market. Campaigns can be run in multiple languages, but Google does not automatically translate AdWord’s campaigns.