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“Banner Ads and Promoted Video Content”

More than 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Over 3 billion videos are viewed each day and this is why YouTube has become the second largest search engine on the internet. Be visible on YouTube and reach relevant audiences during the first few seconds of a video, complimented with a square banner on top right next to the video. If you have a brand video, we’ll promote it to the top of search results pages on YouTube! Traffic Brand will put their PPC knowledge and expertise together to deliver a strategic display campaign on YouTube for your brand.

Display Ad Units on YouTube.

Promote Videos on YouTube Search Results.

TrueView Video Ads

TrueView video ad units are a win-win for both advertiser and user, advertisers only pay for views from interested users and users can choose video content that interests them. TrueView ads are now available on mobile devices too. This is a great way to drive up video view counts; increase reach, brand awareness and recall. Do you want cost estimates? Do you have a video that needs promoting? Contact us now!

“Ever want to book a YouTube campaign, use Traffic Brand. Just did a campaign with amazing results. Very happy customer.” – Nic Burger, F! Records

Targeting Options


Countries, regions, cities or a custom pin-pointed geographic area on a map.


Keywords that we want to match the content being viewed on YouTube! Ads are served to users based on keyword lists that relate to the content being consumed on YouTube.


Selected videos that we know are working! These can be individually target on YouTube. A video, namely a managed placement has its own associated ad type, bid and accompanying settings.


An entire category related to videos that resonate with a particular audience. This means we go broader and target categories such as “Auto’s and Vehicles”, which can be refined down to: Commercial Vehicles, Trucks or Motorcycle related videos.


The actual interests of an internet consumer. Yes, even YOU! Google constructs a topics profile for everyone who is surfing the web and YouTube, so it is no longer just about the videos people are watching, but the people themselves. We can reach a car fanatic whilst they are watching a surfing video.


Showing an ad to a previous viewer of your video. Using an audience list, we are able to show ads to users who watched your video, but did not perform the desired action (purchase, signup). We can remarket to them on YouTube or the Google Display Network. A powerful tool to invite users back to your website and convert them into customers! It’s not stalking if you only do it subtly.