Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Gmail Sponsored Promotions effectively combine the benefits of display advertising with the accessibility of email marketing. The usual benefits of Google Display targeting options apply as well as more sophisticated targeting signals connected to the users gmail content. Targeting interests and jobs for example can be really useful for B2B marketing and targeting keywords and purchases are highly effective in finding recipients who are identified by recent actions.

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Connect your brand message to your audience's email content


Google’s Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) are excellent for generating and solidifying brand awareness. GSP’s offer a personalised and automated advertising format connected to the users immediate online activity. What GSP ads lack in terms of reach (compared to the GDN for example) they make up for in cost effective awareness and conversions.


Gmail Sponsored Promotions appear under the promotions tab which means the user actively opens the ad compared to traditional email marketing where emails are often ignored as spam. This type of automated email therefore encourages high click-through-rates (CTR) and excellent engagement rates.

Success Metrics

GSP ads work best when part of a mass awareness campaign. While you can’t expect extremely high volumes of hard sales, GSP’s see particularly good conversion rates for generating leads and sign-ups. Cost-per-conversion (CPC’s) is usually below average owing to the highly targeted nature of the ad formats.

GSP's offer highly targeted and cost effective email marketing