Google AdWords

Google Search (Google AdWords, Paid Search or PPC) has evolved into a marketing science all of its own. It’s often the foundation that many brand campaigns are built on and serves to support all other types of online advertising across all platforms.

With over 10 years of experience in paid performance marketing on Google (and other search engines like Bing), we have refined and redefined the way we approach search campaigns. At Traffic Brand, we use our tried and tested methodology to create Google campaigns (be they AdWords, Shopping or RLSAs) that always balance your spend with your ROI.

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We create paid search strategies that get your brand prime visibility on all devices


To optimise ROI, it is essential that we take time to work with you to develop the right strategy. We invest a lot of time in getting to know you, your people and your business. This helps us to create granular targeting, high relevance and detailed bidding strategies across all aspects of your campaigns. By doing so we make the user’s journey to what they are looking for, as short and easy as possible. The result is outstanding conversion rates at the lowest possible cost.


Traffic Brand easily adapts to the fast paced change of the digital advertising industry. We are always amongst the first agencies to try new formats from the Google stable. This ensures that we constantly optimise campaigns and improve performance.

Our goal is to always spend our client’s budgets on the most profitable and effective areas of the account. As optimisation continues, the account performance continues to improve.

Success Metrics

Effective conversion tracking allows us to offer detailed reporting on the contribution of PPC to revenue. Be it lead generation, downloads, app installs, registrations or sales you’re after – we set-up and optimise the campaign with your success metrics as the priority. Add advanced Google Analytics insights into our methodology and rest assured that your paid search advertising budget is in safe hands.

As PPC evolves and expands - we evolve and expand with it.