Google Display Network

In addition to its ability to create immediate and measurable brand awareness on a mass scale, the Google Display Network (GDN) is an effective direct sales channel. Display advertising offer brands the opportunity to show their ads to potential customers while they are consuming related content elsewhere on the web.

By utilising applied retargeting methods we can create different bidding strategies for different target audiences. For example, we can interpret high purchase intent from users’ previous behaviour on your site and bid accordingly to bring those same visitors back to your website.

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Make your brand top of mind when users are ready to take action.


Whether you require a full strategy or a short burst campaign, the GDN offers sophisticated ways of connecting with your customers by giving you the option to target by website type, audience type or using remarketing strategies. Creating mass awareness for your brand at the right time and place can be instant when using the thousands of websites available on the Google Display Network. For more specific audiences we use placement targeting using media rich formats.

Targeting & Retargeting

Your campaigns will constantly improve in their ability to target users who are actively looking for information or videos about your product in real time. This is done through our use of sophisticated tracking & in-depth analysis of user behaviour. This means your ads will only be shown to users that are very likely to buy your product or complete the action required.

Success Metric

Success metrics in Display campaigns can be anything from impressions and clicks or reach and frequency to leads and sales. Display ads also greatly assist other digital advertising efforts to successfully convert traffic. Analysis of attribution models show that the assisted conversions from Display have a big impact on conversion rates on other formats like search ads. Tracking and reporting on this flow of the conversion funnel make all the difference in understanding user behaviour.

Measure how Display ads are assisting other channels to convert