The world has become full of mini photo journalists with Instagram fast becoming the preferred platform to publish the visual documentation of our lives. Whether your end goal is to grow your follower base or promote your products or services, Instagram uses photos and videos to reach a wide range of users. We have seen that this increasingly popular platform is not only Queen of the #hashtag but is a highly effective paid social media tool when used strategically.

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Visually reach a mass of users as they upload and browse through photos and videos.


Instagram offers paid social clients the opportunity to use high quality images in a number of different ad formats to boost branding and awareness. Instagram is owned by Facebook so it’s no surprise that the ad formats and targeting options mirror those of the hugely successful Facebook advertising platform. Targeting ensures that your brand is seen alongside related user content at the perfect time to boost recall.


Whether you want to boost your follower numbers, encourage likes, or send users to your website, there are a number of engagement goals available on Instagram. With many different call-to-action buttons available we will guide you on whether to choose to keep people on your Instagram page or send them to your website.

Success Metrics

Always being respectful of the social nature of a platform like Instagram ensures that your brand drives conversions effectively. Platform specific creative and the right strategy will increase sales of your products or services, boost mobile app downloads, increase video views and even increase store visits.

Captivate a highly targeted audience in a creative, visual environment