There is no better way to connect businesses than through a platform, specifically dedicated to B2B interactions and conversations. LinkedIn advertising allows brands to present their products or services to specific users who work for companies in relevant or related industries. As Advertisers we are able to target specific job titles or levels such as marketing managers or chief technical officers.

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What what makes LinkedIn unique is the opportunity it provides for brands to make specific people with specific positions in specific industries aware of their products or services. This is not based on artificial intelligence, but actual information supplied by registered users. Together with the fact that users have to be signed in to use the platform, LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool to reach niche audiences.


One of the biggest advantages of social platforms is the ability to generate engagement. A B2B platform like LinkedIn therefore plays a very important role in facilitating conversations and engagements between like minded users, users in similar industries or users with similar interests.

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LinkedIn can be used for a very specific set of goals such as engagement, website visits or awareness. This platform might not generate the massive volumes that some other social platforms can achieve. However, through its unique audience targeting ability, LinkedIn is able to be far more relevant for companies who need to be noticed by users in specific industries or roles.

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