It’s no longer about comparing YouTube with TV ads but rather how we can tactically achieve better results, engagement and brand recall by using YouTube as an integral part of a brand strategy.

Collectively referred to as TrueView ads – YouTube continues to expand and refine their ad type offerings and our team are always amongst the first to test new formats. From Masthead takeovers to bumper ads to in-stream video, YouTube is the obvious choice for driving reach and frequency for your brand’s video content.

YouTube is an invaluable awareness tool in an increasingly video dominated digital world.


YouTube provides endless opportunities for successfully sending thousands of users to your website or YouTube channel. Targeting options can determine whether you create awareness amongst a niche or broad audience. As platforms like YouTube start to challenge and replace the way we traditionally consume “TV” we need to understand and reach a new generation of users who primarily consume video online.


Besides delivering thousands of free impressions before you get charged for a TrueView, YouTube offers a selection of engagement metrics. We can track views, likes and shares. Paying detailed attention to the view rate shows us how well users engage with your content.

Success Metrics

As YouTube continues to alter the way in which we consume visual media we need to shift our thinking of how we measure its success. For the basics we can track both conversions and clicks on the call to action overlay. However, when we start using tools such as Google’s YouTube Brand Lift Survey we can start to measure metrics that really matter such as brand interest and purchase intent.

Get your audience to view ads, engage with your brand and return to view additional content

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