App Downloads

App download campaigns are an integral part of the success of the launch and continued attention for your app. Some brands already provide their services solely via apps. As apps increase in popularity new players come into the market on a large scale all the time. In order to stand out and reach the right users, sophisticated app download strategies are needed.

App download strategies primarily focus on mobile and there are new exciting fully automated features which have a powerful reach and high download rates. Tracking installs and conversions make it easy to monitor campaign performance and success.

Potential Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Google Adwords: Google Display, Universal App
  • YouTube


Things to consider

  • Determine whether you find your users predominantly on Android or iOS devices and target these devices differently
  • Conversion tracking codes for various platforms have to be implemented into the app. Address this with the app development team early.
  • At which pace would you like your app user base to increase? This will set your advertising budget
  • Consider running an app re-engagement campaign to bring users back to the app.

Elements of successful app download campaigns

  • Affordable cost per download which ideally decreases over time through campaign optimisation
  • Striking and engaging content, as the competition around apps is high
  • Besides app downloads we can also focus on in-app actions to find your most valuable customers, this is mostly relevant for apps which allow purchases