Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has become fundamental in delivering a faster and more manageable method of setting up your Google Analytics or 3rd party scripts. Google Tag Manager not only takes away responsibility from your development team, but it allows marketers to quickly and securely test and deploy their necessary scripts.
What are the main benefits to your organisation?

  • Marketing Teams can get their campaigns live much faster without having to wait for the development team.
  • Digital analysts have more control over what needs to be tracked and when.
  • This ensures that your analytical team can get your data much faster.


Things to consider:

  • The flexibility of running all your web analytics and 3rd party scripts through Google Tag Manager is vital in the fast paced, performance-driven digital environment
  • How can you migrate to Google Tag Manager without losing your existing (and very valuable) Google Analytics data?
  • We have migrated some of South Africa‚Äôs largest websites from Google Analytics (and other 3rd party advertising scripts) to Tag manager

Elements of effective use of Google Tag Manager

  • Not all set-ups are created equal! The precise set-up and implementation of Google Tag Manager script is vital to ensure the accuracy of your data
  • Making sure that Tag Manager scripts are uptodate and evolving
  • Tag Manager is a fast and effective way of establishing Remarketing lists