Measurement plan

All good digital strategies should start with a measurement plan. Making use of Traffic Brand’s analytics services can add huge value to the success, efficiency and cost effectiveness of all your internal and external marketing efforts.

We help you to define your digital KPI’s, your platform goals, your revenue goals and your tracking requirements to ensure that we can condense the endless amount of data available into relevant information and actionable insights.
Understanding, analysing and using data in a meaningful way ensures the continued growth and success of all of your digital efforts and your brand. More importantly making good use of accurate data allows you to align digital goals with your top level business objectives.

Things to consider:

  • Digital evolves at such a fast pace that we often apply goals and objectives in retrospect
  • Let us help you to start taking some time to analyse your digital footprint and how to expand it strategically using the plethora of facts and data available.
  • Making sense of data is a full time job! Hand over the responsibility of analysing the data to us so that we can guide you on how to measure your success effectively
  • A good measurement plan means you can maximise the effectiveness of your staff, your website/app and your valuable advertising budget

Elements of measurement plans

  • Simple, clear objectives based on real data
  • Assist you with making sound business decisions that affect your bottom line
  • Tracking is implemented correctly
  • Constant monitoring of tracking code to ensure everything is working properly and data collection is complete and accurate