Shopping Ads

Shopping ads show users a photo, title, price and merchant name related to the products most applicable to their search. These ads are more than just text ads and are displayed above Paid Search and Organic Search Results.

We utilize this powerful tool to promote your online inventory, increase traffic to your landing page (or store) and drive online transactions.

Potential Platforms:

  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Bing Shopping Ads


Things to consider:

  • Google or Bing Merchant Center Accounts are required and need to be linked to Google/Bing.
  • Product Feed that follows best practices. The structure of this feed is key to the success of the campaign in order for your ads to show for the applicable search query and further optimisation.
  • Furthermore, the feed needs to update regularly and comply with Google & Bing’s Advertising Policies and Requirements.
  • No keywords required, Google crawls your Product Inventory Feed that lists information about the products you want to sell.
  • Even though keywords are not used Quality Score still plays a big role in Shopping Ads. Therefore, the landing page experience is key during this process.
  • Shopping is highly results driven and very competitive as with any e-commerce channel. Budget allocation therefore needs to be on par with Search Budgets.

Elements of successful paid social campaigns

  • As many Feed Elements as possible, including: Product Title, Product Description, Product Category, Product Type, Brand, Price, Image, Products SKU & UPC/ISBN, Shipping, Availability, Condition and Custom Labels.
  • Constant evaluation of bidding strategies
  • Track orders and Revenue across all devices, in order to optimise the campaigns towards business goals
  • RLSA for Shopping Campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing Ads through the Shopping Feed.
  • Test various messaging with different ad formats on numerous platforms and then focus on successful combinations
  • Be amongst the first brands to use new ad formats