Social Strategy

As social advertising becomes more complex over more platforms it is important to define the purpose of your advertising spend and where best to focus your budget.

Our recommendations will be very different if you’re looking to generate sales for your business or generate meaningful engagement with your brand. Similarly we will recommend the platforms most suited to your budget and objectives.

Potential Platforms

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linked-in
  • YouTube

Things to consider

  • Consider your existing social presence – make sure you have a considered social identity before spending valuable advertising budget
  • What are your objectives for social media?
  • Define the success of your social advertising campaign – do you want leads, sales, engagements or branding?

Elements of successful paid social campaigns

  • Active, engaging content
  • Constant evaluation of social presence
  • Balance between reach & frequency advertising and meaningful engagement
  • Ensure that social branding is constantly reevaluated and changing according to target audience sentiment
  • Test various messaging with different ad formats on numerous platforms and then focus on successful combinations
  • Be amongst the first brands to use new ad formats
  • Make use of Social Analytics Software to fully understand the effects of your content, messaging and timing of your social communication strategy