Video Advertising Strategy

Whether your goals are to achieve brand awareness or engagement, it’s our job to create a winning video strategy that utilises the best combination of advertising formats relevant to your content and budget

Our recommendations will vary depending on your marketing objectives. We aim to ensure that your videos reach the right audience on the right platforms.
For example, if video content is short and punchy or has a social angle then it’s more likely to suite social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More traditional full-length ads will be better suited to YouTube where we can also analyse brand sentiment.

Potential Platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


Things to consider:

  • What are your marketing objectives?
  • Sometimes having a short punchy video makes sense and other times a longer “story” video works best. Our strategy will be dependent on the type and length of video content you intend to promote.
  • Where does your target audience consume most of their video content?
  • Define the success of your video advertising campaign – do you want sales, video views, or brand/product awareness?

Elements of successful video campaigns

  • Relevant, engaging, and captivating video content
  • Constant evaluation of video performance
  • Create high-quality video content that displays well across multiple devices
  • Optimise video content for different platforms as behavior and audience differ from platform to platform