You will love working with Traffic Brand. We have a highly efficient team who all have a marketing or finance degree, are all AdWords certified individuals and have been through our internal Digital Strategy & Analysis training programme. Traffic Brand has been in the game for over a decade and we’re proud of our achievements and our long standing clients. We are passionate about digital advertising and constantly strive to deliver the best possible results for our clients.

  • Mandy Schreiber

    Mandy Schreiber
    Managing Director

  • Jan Boshoff

    Jan Boshoff
    Technical Director

  • Tiaan van Zyl

    Tiaan van Zyl
    Digital Analytics Specialist

  • JP Arrow

    JP Arrow
    Paid Media Specialist

  • Yolande Odendaal

    Yolande Odendaal
    Financial Manager

  • Marc Weddepohl

    Marc Weddepohl
    Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Sarah Heintz

    Sarah Heintz
    Digital Marketing Strategist

  • Anele Nkalitshana

    Anele Nkalitshana
    Campaign Manager

  • Elran Meiring

    Elran Meiring
    Campaign Manager

  • Anna Visnenza

    Anna Visnenza
    Campaign Manager

  • Joshua Hartford

    Joshua Hartford
    Campaign Manager

  • Lilian Adams

    Lilian Adams
    Office Manager

  • Joyce Kula

    Joyce Kula
    Office Maintenance

Traffic Brand is all about good people, great attitudes and smart digital minds

What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves on our excellent communication, efficient and personalised reporting, our obsessive attention to detail and our friendly but always professional attitude. Not forgetting of course our ability to turn campaigns around and strategically optimise and increase performance. At Traffic Brand we have an open and honest approach to each other and to our clients and we like to make sure that all our internal and external interactions are positive and friendly but always professional. Come in for coffee and see for yourselves!

Our approach

We will start by analysing your paid media activities to date and scrutinising your analytics data to see what you’ve been doing and what has worked best for you in the past. We’ll suggest a refined strategy that’s guaranteed to leave you inspired and captivated. Then we’ll be careful to implement changes gradually to ensure we don’t negatively affect your account history. We’ll also make sure that your strategy includes a holistic approach to delivering the right message to the right audience via the right platform. Our cohesive, calculated online marketing strategies will ensure that you meet your customers at all the digital touch points.

We pride ourselves on exceptional service and outstanding results.