Facebook Rolls out New Campaign Structure

Starting in early March Facebook began rolling out a new campaign structure, many have commented on the similarity to Google AdWords’ account structure.

Facebook goes from having two levels: campaign and ads, to having three – campaigns, ad sets (read ad groups) and ads.


Campaigns will be automatically upgraded to the new structure, and the migration will not impact the delivery, spend or performance of your existing ads. Furthermore, you will have access to the historical data of your existing campaigns and ads.

Campaigns can be linked to the advertiser’s campaign objectives, e.g. brand awareness or driving traffic to your website. According to Facebook the redesign has been built to help advertisers optimise and measure their results for each of their objectives across campaigns ad sets and ads.
Each campaign can have multiple ad sets, of which each can have its own budget and ad schedule. In addition, the ad delivery system will be geared to delivering the best-performing ad within the ad set.

Ad Sets
Ad sets may contain multiple ads which can have different images, links, video or text. Creative, targeting and bidding will still be managed at the ad level.