Happy Birthday Mandy

On behalf of the Traffic Brand team, we would like to wish Mandy Schreiber a very Happy Birthday for today! Her laughter can be heard from a mile away and anyone who has had the priviledge, will know that Mandy’s presence lights up any room. She is our “boss lady” at Traffic Brand, but we love her for always being practical, honest, funny, part crazy and most importantly very knowledgeable about the online marketing industry. Happy Birthday PurpleWhizzBall, this is Mandy’s username for just about everything, including skype.

We bought Mandy one balloon for every year that she has explored earth. She calls this the “purple forrest” and it was a very cool way to welcome her into the office and set the mood this morning.

We recently welcomed Caryn to the team as Office Manager and it seems her talent extends into baking too! She created a freaking “purplewhizzball” cake! … and it looked and tasted fantastic. “Caryn’s Custom Cakes” has a nice ring to it!

The “PurpleWhizzBall” before we lit it up!