What is the continued obsession with Flash Sites?

Posted by Mandy on 27 Feb 2008

aaaarrrgghhh! Maybe you could get away with it if you had some direct satellite link to the bandwidth Gods…but please flashy people – have you never tried to surf the net in South Africa and had to wait 5 minutes for a site to open because it’s all flash-based? I beg you to do some more research in your chosen field. No-one’s denying that flash elements on a website look great and are super useful and there are some brilliantly designed flash websites that actually work and load quickly. You good developers are exempt from my rant! It’s the old school flash sites that show you the loading bar percentage process that are my particular gripe. It’s a fact. Our bandwidth speed and consistency in South Africa is a problem. A site that takes ages to load because of shoddy development work…well you can certainly count me out and tab me up with your other frustrated potential clients.