What would a marketing company be without a Blog?

Posted by Mandy on 15 Jan 2008

One of the challenges of being at the forefront of the world’s fastest growing media industry is that you are expected to stay abreast with the wealth of knowledge and information that is spun around on the Internet about the Internet. This mass of information pertaining to emerging trends, online demographics, changing algorithms and a plethora of new and evolved ways of marketing and advertising online is phenomenal. What really interests me though is the way that the Internet has managed to create a certain comradery and sharing of information amongst competitors. Perhaps this is owed to the fact that with any new industry, sharing of information is essential to the overall lasting success of the emerging fledgling.

Hence we return back to my title…viva la Blog! Forums and Blog’s have become an essential part of any online marketer’s world (and of course across other social and business sectors as well) in terms of discussing trends and pointing each other to good resources. With the emergence of social media I did wonder if their lifespan would be jeopardised. However, it seems that in the total Internet “network of networks” there is a place for all of our offline world to find its place online and Blogs although part of the online furniture by now do, in my opinion, offer personality to your company and play an integral part in creating online communities of shared interest and information.

So there you have it. Traffic Brand has added one more to the Blog World! May it be informative, friendly and quirky…a little like us!