Yahoo's "Pay Per Chick" Ad Copy error on Google

Posted by Mandy on 8 Feb 2008

It’s hard to believe that the second biggest search engine (admittedly a distant second!) can make such a fundamental error in their Pay Per Click (PPC) ad copy. “Pay Per Chick” is certainly a new take on paid search! What is particularly embarrassing is that this really unfortunate typo appears on their competition’s website and further drives home the point that Google gets the superiority prize again and again.

I have actually emailed them to try and alleviate this embarrassing show of words but that was 2 days ago and the Ad still appears. I am assuming that this is an affiliate ad which brings up further points about whether brand management is at all possible if you open up your brand to PPC affiliate marketers.

Regardless of who is responsible for the writing of this Ad, as a pedantic editor (if you find spelling mistakes or errors on our website, please email us!) and writer I find it quite appalling that this kind of error occurs. It does, however, highlight one of my favourite pet subjects in the PPC arena. Most agencies will “wow” you with all sorts of statistics and metrics and numbers of clicks, impressions and conversions. Where most agencies fall short of a good paid search campaign, is their lack of attention to good Ad copy.

After all the geek-speak and lingo is thrown at you, its no wonder that clients of PPC agencies forget to discuss the core brand message that they aim to portray online. Good Ad copy that clearly states the sales or service offering and has a clear brand message is admittedly a challenge when we are reduced to 3 lines of 25, 35 and 35 characters. But it is entirely possible. Only when the agency works closely with the client to develop this message can the PPC industry truly claim to be advertisers. Just because we are using the Internet as a medium does not mean we can forget about the basic rules of advertising, marketing and brand identity.

Sorry Yahoo! this is not a great reflection on your marketing team or your affiliate marketers.