GoMo: Mobile is no longer the future… it's NOW

Three reasons why you need to go MOBILE*:

  • 63% of South African smartphone users access the Internet from their phone every day
  • Almost 50% of South Africans use smartphones each month for shopping
  • 53% of South Africans have seen an ad on their mobile device

GoMo – Is a Google initiative aiming to help business create mobile-friendly websites.

  • The Mobile Meter will show you how you current site looks on a smartphone
  • Enter in your current website’s url and see how it looks on a mobile device
  • Conducts a quick test and then makes suggestions and recommendations on how your website could be optimised for mobile devices.
  • Provides good examples of mobile sites for inspiration
  • Also provides a list of mobile site developers who can assist you with creating a better mobile experience

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*Stats from Get Mobile: Mobilise your site now (http://www.howtogomo.com/za/d/)