GoMo: Mobile is no longer the future… it's NOW

Three reasons why you need to go MOBILE*:

  • 63% of South African smartphone users access the Internet from their phone every day
  • Almost 50% of South Africans use smartphones each month for shopping
  • 53% of South Africans have seen an ad on their mobile device

GoMo – Is a Google initiative aiming to help business create mobile-friendly websites.

  • The Mobile Meter will show you how you current site looks on a smartphone
  • Enter in your current website’s url and see how it looks on a mobile device
  • Conducts a quick test and then makes suggestions and recommendations on how your website could be optimised for mobile devices.
  • Provides good examples of mobile sites for inspiration
  • Also provides a list of mobile site developers who can assist you with creating a better mobile experience

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*Stats from Get Mobile: Mobilise your site now (http://www.howtogomo.com/za/d/)


YouTube TrueView Ads [Study]

YouTube TrueView video ads offer a pricing model that is based on user engagement, only paying for interested viewers. This creates a win-win scenario for both advertiser and YouTube user. Impressions are free, just the same as a Pay Per Click model, advertisers are only charged when a users selects to watch a video ad, or watches the pre roll ad for more than 30 seconds or to the end of the video, whichever comes first. Guarantee that your budget is spent on an interested audience.

Google recently announced that TrueView ads are now available on mobile devices, but why is this significant? Lets take a quick look at some mobile YouTube stats from last year: more than 20% of global YouTube views came from mobile devices, YouTube is available on over 350 million mobile devices and roughly 3 hours of video was uploaded to YouTube per minute from a mobile device. The basic notion is that mobile traffic on YouTube was never monetised before and now allows advertisers to further expand campaigns across multiple screens; increasing reach, recall and conversions. AdWords for Video means that advertising campaigns across Google networks can all be managed in one interface, bringing YouTube and Google AdWords advertising together.

Mobile In-Stream TrueView Ad – source

Study: How do people respond to TrueView Ads?

Some of you may know that there are four types of TrueView ads, but if I mention the pre roll ad that plays before your video, you probably know exactly what I am referring to and I’d probably be correct in assuming you hate those ads, yes? Interestingly, a study done by Google in the US with a sample size of 1600+ people shows different:

  • Only 10% of people will always skip these ads.
  • 8/10 viewers prefer TrueView ads to standard in-stream YouTube ads.
  • 8/10 thought the “Skip” button was clear, which means people don’t have to think too hard, they know they can skip.
  • 9/10 viewers thought TrueView ads create a better video viewing environment.
  • Curiosity is the main reason users choose to watch an ad, therefore sparking interest in the first 5 seconds (before they skip) is key to driving viewership.
  • Viewers are likely to skip ads they have seen before, which is good for not wasting ad budget.

Find the above study, here.

Based on these findings and the results we have experienced with TrueView ads, they are certainly NOT hated by all and can be very effective. The same targeting is available on YouTube as with the Google Display Network, remarketing lists can be created from YouTube ads and we’re able to set a frequency cap, which limits the amount of times the same person will see an ad per day. These ads lead to follow-on views which increases overall view counts and keeps people engaged with your brand, or as Google says, “buy one, get one free”. We can also direct interested viewers to a desired landing page from a ‘call to action’ banner that is overlayed within the advertised video, great for direct response campaigns and these clicks are at no extra cost to the video view. So, if you have video content that you’d like to promote, try YouTube TrueView Ads or give us a shout.

State of Mobile in Africa

Some holistic perspective on the state of mobile in Africa, mobile’s development into 2012 and just how massive mobile internet access in Africa is, here are some facts from the video:

  • Africa is just over 30.2 million km² – home to more than 1 billion people
  • Speaking more than 1000 languages, we’re the most multilingual content.
  • Average Sub-Saharan woman touches her hair 37 times a day, she touches her phone 82 times a day.
  • In 1994, Nigeria had 100 000 land lines, internet access was zero.
  • 1994 – The first mobile network launched in Africa.
  • First phone weighed in at 0.5kg’s and cost $2000.
  • 2012, mobile penetration in Africa has risen to 65%!
  • There are more mobile phones in Uganda, than there are light bulbs.
  • “Africa is the 2nd largest and fastest growing mobile market in the world”.
  • Smartphones out sell computers 4:1.
  • Price of a mobile device in 2012 is under $80
  • 50% of Africa’s connectivity to the internet is mobile.
  • Infrastructure development up from $335 million in 2009, estimated at 1.5 billion in 2015.
  • Mobile is driving Africa: 6/10 fastest growing economies, GDP up 5%.
  • 50% of Africa’s population is younger than 20 years old << scary.

We are the Mobile Generation and the future looks bright for Africa.

The Mobile Movement, A Study on Smartphone Consumers

Google released a teaser video on Tuesday, of a study they conducted in the US on adult smartphone users. Yesterday the full report was released to the public and the statistics are not surprisingly incredible! Mobile is personal and accessable to us almost anywhere. 70% of people use their smartphone when shopping in-store to seek further product information, comparitive prices or to purchase. The use of smartphones whilst shopping has become our new best friend and an integral part of the multi-channel purchase process, which leads to immediate responses. As much as 39% of users purchase within a few hours of seeking information on their mobile device. 61% of users called the business and 59% visited the business after “accessing local content” via smartphones. In total, 9 out of 10 mobile searchers have led to consumers taking action and this could mean increased revenue for your business!

Has your company got a mobile friendly website or mobile ecommerce store? Is your advertising reaching local and interested consumers on a mobile medium? 71% of of mobile users conduct a search due to a mobile ad they saw. Mobile search and banner ads are seen by 82% of mobile users and half of those who see an ad (search and display), take action. We simply cannot ignore reaching our customers on mobile devices any longer. Please see our services page to find out how we can help increase your brand equity and ROI from mobile advertising.

Go on, click here to see the full report!

Google Instant Site Previews, Now For Mobile!

When Google released Instant Previews on SERP’s late last year, it enhanced the search experience and made usabililty more convenient in finding quality search results. This great feature has now been released for mobile devices running Android (2.2+) or iOS (4.0+). Simply click the magnifine glass on the right hand side of search results for a snap preview of the webpage. Nice feature is that after you click to preview, you can scroll across and instantly preview the other websites in one easy step. Then simply select the website that looks most relevant in the preview and enjoy. See Google Mobile for further instructions.

Source: Official Google Blog