Google Ad Innovations: Campaign Insights

Search has always been the primary advertising medium in the Google stable and the main revenue generator for them. Yet it seems that Google has been working hard on taking Display advertising to the next level. By providing users with meaningful, relevant, targeted ads and giving digital advertisers all the measurement metrics they need to ensure their campaigns remain in tip top shape and achieve the maximum ROI possible.

There are many predictions on the forthcoming success that lies in the path of Display advertising in terms of growth and success. I personally believe that one should not only consider Search advertising when venturing online, but to definitely include Display also, do both.

The Billboards of the future are here and their reach and impact on the information highway can be measured.  Thanks to Google Ad Innovations and Campaign Insights now, even more so.

I’ve often wondered what effect my Display campaigns (banner advertising) run in Adwords, had on my Search advertising campaigns. Did it have any effect on people who saw the banners, but did not click on them? Did it perhaps drive more searches towards my brand campaigns? What was the true value of the view through conversions and how accurate or significant are they in terms of the Display campaigns.

To gain insights to these questions would allow me to be able to accurately judge the full impact of Display, in the Google advertising module. With Google’s Campaign Insights I can do just that.

Campaign Insights:  How it works according to Google.

Using a test and control method, Campaign Insights compares the behaviour of users exposed to a display campaign on the Google Display Network with a group not exposed to the campaign. Using this data, campaign insights can show the incremental impact on the following metrics:

  • Brand site visit or category site visits
  • Brand searches, category searches or generic searches.

The test and control methodology ensures that the calculated lift is attributable exclusively to the display campaign, even if offline campaigns such as TV or radio ads are also in place. Additionally the methodology factors in past browsing behaviours so that we can track impact of the campaign versus what a user would have done anyway.

For a detailed explanation of how the methodology is applied please see the video. This feature’s availability is currently limited.