Maximise on the New Looking Extended Headline AdWords Adverts

What do these new looking adverts mean for AdWords advertisers and users? The first description line of a text advert becomes an extension of the headline, divided by a hyphen. Is this a positive step for better performing adverts or a silent factor that could be negatively affecting your account performance? I don’t think Google would implement a new feature on their biggest revenue stream without having done their research to get more clicks.

Google says that higher click through rates have been achieved with this new layout. To me, PPC adverts are now starting to look more like natural search results. I’m interested to know how SEO experts feel about this change. It could be argued that the new headlines have the reverse effect and highlight or isolate the shorter headline adverts. Either way, the new extended headlines are definitively something to consider for your search advertising campaigns. The only requirement is that your advert has to have individual description lines one and two. What this means is your advert needs to be constructed in two separate sentences. Here is an example

New Headline:


Description line 1:       Mobile | PPC | Online Advertising.

Description line 2:       Get Fast Pay Per Click Results Now!

Original Display:


Description line 1:       Mobile, PPC and Online Advertising

Description line 2        With Profitable ROI. Call us Today!


The benefit of this is that your adverts visibility looks more natural and eye catching. The overall proximity of the advert changes with the longer, bolded headline. We are now more educated after reading the headline text before our eyes drift further down the advert, or at least we should be! Now an enticing call to action, what a welcome! A clever idea now would be to add Sitelink Ad Extensions to present further interactive information as your second line of text (image above) above your display URL, but this is all only possible if you score in the top 3 advert positions.

Vuala, you have the perfect AdWords advert looking very natural, offering great value in terms of targeted user experience and increased click through rates, quality scores and sales. The only caution to advertisers is that the increase in click through rates should be accompanied by an increase in conversion rates for profitable return and to yield an overall increase in performance.

Try it, test it with AdWords Campaign Experiments on adverts with good traffic and let us know your findings for further discussion!