Social Media Revolution 4 – Infographic Video 2012

Erik Qualman releases an annual video packed with stats and figures that he gathers for his writing. From the latest Social Media Revolution 4 video, some takeaways were:

  • 20% of Google searches are new (not searched for before), every day.
  • Social Media is the number 1 activity on the web, yet Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google are not welcome in China.
  • The Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl ad.
  • A new member joins LinkedIn every 2 seconds.
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, every minute.
  • 97% of Pinterest fans are woman.
  • Babies are being named, Facebook, Twitter, Hashtag  << that’s just nuts! or revolutionary?
  • 53% of people on twitter recommend products in their tweets.

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