Social Media Revolution 4 – Infographic Video 2012

Erik Qualman releases an annual video packed with stats and figures that he gathers for his writing. From the latest Social Media Revolution 4 video, some takeaways were:

  • 20% of Google searches are new (not searched for before), every day.
  • Social Media is the number 1 activity on the web, yet Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google are not welcome in China.
  • The Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl ad.
  • A new member joins LinkedIn every 2 seconds.
  • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, every minute.
  • 97% of Pinterest fans are woman.
  • Babies are being named, Facebook, Twitter, Hashtag  << that’s just nuts! or revolutionary?
  • 53% of people on twitter recommend products in their tweets.

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The Mobile Movement, A Study on Smartphone Consumers

Google released a teaser video on Tuesday, of a study they conducted in the US on adult smartphone users. Yesterday the full report was released to the public and the statistics are not surprisingly incredible! Mobile is personal and accessable to us almost anywhere. 70% of people use their smartphone when shopping in-store to seek further product information, comparitive prices or to purchase. The use of smartphones whilst shopping has become our new best friend and an integral part of the multi-channel purchase process, which leads to immediate responses. As much as 39% of users purchase within a few hours of seeking information on their mobile device. 61% of users called the business and 59% visited the business after “accessing local content” via smartphones. In total, 9 out of 10 mobile searchers have led to consumers taking action and this could mean increased revenue for your business!

Has your company got a mobile friendly website or mobile ecommerce store? Is your advertising reaching local and interested consumers on a mobile medium? 71% of of mobile users conduct a search due to a mobile ad they saw. Mobile search and banner ads are seen by 82% of mobile users and half of those who see an ad (search and display), take action. We simply cannot ignore reaching our customers on mobile devices any longer. Please see our services page to find out how we can help increase your brand equity and ROI from mobile advertising.

Go on, click here to see the full report!