AdWords Impression Share Changes

How many times are your Exact match keywords triggering an ad instead of a Broad or Phrase? How many Impressions are you losing because your daily budget ran out early or your bids/quality score weren’t high enough? All questions that “Impression Share (IS)” metrics in Google AdWords can help answer for advertisers. Google’s “Analyse Competition” tool shows competitive insights, but IS metrics are perhaps a little more accurate to gauge performance against your competitors in a Google AdWords auction (showing an ad, an impression). Impression Share is calculated by the number of impressions received, divided by the estimated number of impressions you could have received – based on your targeting settings (keywords, locations, languages etc), approval statuses, bids and Quality Scores – Google says Impression Share changes are coming!

Originally you only had four IS columns, namely: IS, Lost IS (budget), Lost IS (Rank), Exact Match IS. You’ll notice historical data is no longer available before October 2012, this is to enable the new IS column transition, all new data will go as far back as 1 October 2012. The changes below are set to arrive immediately for some advertisers or by February 2013 for everyone!

What are the Changes?

  1. Distinct Search and Display Columns. New columns separating Search and Display IS.
  2. “Hour of Day” Segmentation. Evaluate ad coverage by segmented time “Dimensions”.
  3. Filters, Charts and Rules. Apply filters, automated rules and graphs using IS metrics.
  4. Accuracy. Improvements to the calculation of IS.

The new columns are simply Search and Display variations for each original column, as above – Now here’s a question: Can you tell us why there’s no Exact Match IS for Display? comment and WIN a massive, virtual high-five!

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Google Educates by Teaching Search

Google Search is becoming the only encyclopedia needed to find information, images, videos and just about anything, all online. Google decided it would be a good idea to educate students/people who wanted to better understand the power of search as an everyday tool to empower ourselves and recently launched their new website, Search Education. Shoppers and customers have become more intelligent in their purchasing decisions, as they are able to research, learn and compare options online before hand. Most people type in keywords and click search, without knowing all the additional search features available, if this sounds like you, go ahead and take a ‘Search Lesson‘.



Think with Google: Insights and Statistics on 2010 Learnings

Statistics from the above video:

  • 89% of consumers started their holiday shopping online.
  • Portable PC shoppers do an average of 14 searches during their shopping process.
  • Consumers exposed to Home Page adverts on YouTube are 4 times more likely to: visit the advertisers website, search for the brand or watch the companies YouTube videos.
  • ±60% of moms search for coupons or special offers.
  • For every 10 application searches driven online, search drives another 4.5 offline (financial advertisers).
  • Over 70% of TV, movies and gaming fans visit sites on the Google Display Network everyday.
  • Google Display Network reaches more vehicle buyers than any other portal.
  • 25% of auto purchasers utilise mobile web while researching their new vehicle.
  • 75% of patients research their symptoms online before discussing them with their doctors.
  • 40% of travelers search for consumer reviews before booking their next trip.

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